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Wood Windows

Tilt &Turn windows 

Euro 78

• Thermal conductivity 1.10 W/( m²•K)
• Sound permeability 36 db
• Water-resistant by 600 Pa

Euro 90

• Thermal conductivity 0.87 W/( m²•K),
• Triple glazing, 56 mm thickness. The coefficient of heat conductivity equals to U=0,5 W/(m2*K).
• The total coefficient of heat conductivity, together with 3 glass panels, a warm frame and an innovative selective coating,
equals to U=0.81 W/(m2*K).

Wooden windows Euro 78 / 90 are perfectly suitable for the glazing of private houses when high-quality features of warmth and sound insulation are needed. We can produce larger dimensions than the usually sized windows.

Wooden window Benefits Euro 78 / 90

  • Heat saving
  • The high permeability of light
  • Modern design and an acceptable price
  • Optional with external aluminium cladding

What Can You Choose?

  • Pine, oak, larch or mahogany
  • The colours of inside and outside of the windows from RAL or NCS colours.
  • Siegenia or G-U fittings and hardware.
  • Double and triple glass. HR++ of HR+++
  • Different RAL colors of aluminium water boards.
  • Handles of another color, than recommended, also with locks.
  • Accessories of the windows – ventilation systems/window ventilation.


Various types of windows

About window

We manufacture finger-jointed wood girders glued to four layers.

Windows are painted with high quality „TEKNOS“ paints from Finland.

Argon gas double or triple glazed  windows.

Innovative new German Schlegel gasket.

Aluminium Gladding  till&turn windows

System Properties

The glass is taken up completely in the wood rebate. This provides excellent protection from heat loss at the edge of the insulating glass. Glass will be exchangeable from the inside.
The aluminium frames have rear ventilation and are fastened to the wood with durable clips. The wood is therefore able to breathe and the aluminium frame can expand without restraint during temperature fluctuations. Coordinated profile widths enable continuous frame outer edges for perfect connections to walls and plaster.


  • Powder coated aluminium requires zero maintenance.
  • Water resistant and integral drainage channels.
  • RAL f powder coat colours.
  • Numerous window constructions and opening types can be executed with different profile widths and construction heights. Even slanted windows and round-arched windows are possible.
  • The wood frame provides stability, excellent insulation and gives the home a pleasant, comfortable character.

Wood outwards opening windows

Outwards-opening or Scandinavian-type windows using long-term Scandinavian experience and technologies.  This type of window is perfect for every type of house or residency.

Thickness of the window frame 115 mm

Thickness of the sash is 68 mm or 78 mm.

Double-glazed units up to 36 mm thick – two or three panes.

The hottest and most popular 2-glass version with a thermal conductivity of 1.1 W / (m² • K), 3-glass version with a thermal conductivity of 0.6 W / (m² • K).

Types of Scandinavian window opening

Top swing (180°)

Top sliding (90°)

Top hung (180°)

Top hung (90°)

Side sliding (90°)

Side hung (180°)


Scandinavian windows using long term Scandinavian experience and technologies. This type of window is perfect for every type of house or residency and is particularly suitable for windy areas. To individual client needs or requirements, we have a suitable solution. These windows are a time and harsh proven product that reflects long-standing traditions, time tested technologies and well-established trends.

The windows and frames are covered with aluminum fittings from Gutmann Nordwin, which can be painted in all RAL colors.

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