Balt Haus | Roller shutters

Roller shutters

Innovative, hybrid facade blind solution based on the RNK / E roller shutter box.

Easy and economical assembly.

Top thermal insulation values due to excellent insulation materials.

Roller shutters are provided with an elastic tongue, which is provided with an elastic wedge, which is provided with an elastic wrench.

Roller shutters BASIC offered with 3 roller shutters 165, 205 or 245 mm with a width of 255 mm, with a roller shutter with a mosquito net.

Roller shutters with the solution of the revision flap opened from the front of the box.

Roller shutters can significantly improve the thermal inertia of a building. In winter, the layer of air between the glass and the lowered roller shutter armor (the so-called airbag) acts as an insulator and provides much better protection against heat loss. This has a significant effect on reducing heating costs – savings of up to 40% can be achieved. In summer, lowering the Roller shutters in rooms exposed to strong sunlight prevents them from overheating. And that solves the issue of cooling them to a comfortable temperature, which also allows for real savings.

Talking about building located in areas with heavy traffic, such as railway stations, busy streets, airports. Noise protection becomes extremely important. Properly installed roller shutters can reduce the level of noise entering the interior by as much as a dozen decibels.