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Plastic windows

 For plastic windows and doors systems we have partnership with  the German company Salamander.

BluEvolution unites future-oriented top technology and modern, pragmatic design in the new generation of first-rate windows. The optimised 6-chamber profile with a construction depth of 92 mm produces brilliant thermal insulation and excellent energy efficiency. Combined with a filigree visible height of only 118 mm, solar gains thanks to high light incidence and the ecological sustain ability of a 100 % recyclable vinyl, bluEvolution is the window system of the future. BluEvolution is in many aspects the right decision for your new building, conversion or renovation.

About window

Number of chambers: 6

3 contours of solid sealant with weather resistant EPDM-rubber(caotchouc)

Construction depth – 92 mm

Coefficient for heat transition: Uf = under 1.0W/m²K

Sound protection: over 47 dB

Color: 1600 colors according to RAL and 19 wood lacquering