Plastic windows

Aluplast IDEAL 8000

IDEAL 8000® is a window system with a profile depth of 85 mm. By combining a great profile depth with a filigree design, aluplast created an energetically and visually sublime window system. The great profile depth and six insulating chambers inside the profiles guarantee outstanding…

Aluplast IDEAL 7000

Perfect harmony. The new IDEAL 7000 system series is a 6-chamber construction featuring 85 mm profile depth and double seal system, ready for application of 51 mm thick glass panes. Uf thermal transfer coefficient value: 1.1 W/m²K backstop gasket system


Installation depth 82mmd Triple-glazed unit 7-chamber profile Lower construction of window, the triple-glazed unit, excellent thermal insulation and perfect statics and safety! Meet our new Veka Softline 82 – multi-chamber system with a depth of 82 mm, excellent drainage, protection against moisture


BluEvolution unites future-oriented top technology and modern, pragmatic design in the new generation of first-rate windows. The optimised 6-chamber profile with a construction depth of 92 mm produces brilliant thermal insulation and excellent energy efficiency. Combined with a filigree visible height