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Wooden doors with external aluminium cladding

Aluminium doors

Plastic doors

Door types


  • Front (entrance) doors
  • Terrace (balcony) doors
  • Sliding / folding doors
  • Folding (harmonic type) doors
  • Panel (without sash frame) exterior doors

Custom made design


  • Various design can be made
  • Left & Right side
  • Inwards and outwards opening
  • Arched and trapezoidal
  • Double-glazed units and thermal and sound insulated door panels

Wooden exterior door

  • 78 mm and 90 mm thick profiles.
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • No deformation
  • A wide range of RAL colours available 
  • Different designs option
  • Choosing a proper glass package or fill the panel, you get an excellent sound insulation.

Aluminium doors

  • System designed for designing doors with high thermal insulation parameters
  • The system features very good anti-burglary properties (lock is situated far from the outer side)
  • Thermal insulation lintel is used, which can be dismantled following door installation in the frame
  • The option of bending profiles
  • Wide range of RAL colours available

Plastic doors

  • BluEvolution system – a generation of first-class doors
  • Highly heat insulating door systems
  • Larger sized elements and barrier-free solutions create an entrance with style
  • Wide range of design options

bluEvolution 82 AD ( Most popular)

  • The sophisticated profile design with two sealing levels (stopper gasket) combines optimal thermal insulation properties with technical perfection, as the generously designed glass rebate permits filling thicknesses of up to 52 mm.
  • With its large steel reinforcements, bluEvolution 82 AD guarantees long-term stability and functional safety.
  • The two-part design of the door threshold (uPVC and aluminium composite) guarantees optimal thermal separation. In addition, the threshold is particularly suitable for the barrier-free passage of entrance doors, side entrance doors and single- or double-sash patio doors.
  • Thanks to these features, bluEvolution 82 AD is also a long-term asset for homes designed to meet the requirements of the elderly and disabled.

bluEvolution 73

  • Designed for the high demands that every entrance door must meet. Their extremely stable construction with large-dimensioned steel reinforcements can stand up to continuous stress and strain while still providing a maximum of comfort.
  • Four-chamber technology with continuous seals guarantees perfect thermal insulation and maximum sound reduction.
  • Security fittings with three- or five-point locks can be installed to meet the highest security requirements.

bluEvolution 92

  • With a construction depth of 92 mm, six profile chambers and three sealing levels, the bluEvolution 92 entrance door is the perfect combination of security and energy efficiency.
  • The entrance door leaf opens either inwards or outwards and is suitable for filling thicknesses of up to 60 mm – ideal for heat-insulating triple glazing and functional glazing and without any restrictions with coloured doors – all with a filigree visible width of only 164 mm.
  • Due to its well-conceived design, the barrier-free door threshold is suitable not only for entrance doors but is ideal for balcony and side entrance doors as well.
  • The uPVC threshold with aluminium step protection is designed for single or double sash doors and offers special adapter profiles for barrier-free threshold passage.
  • Wide RAL colours range.