Balt Haus | Constructions



We are team of professionals realizing construction projects in the Europe. We can help our customers realize various ideas for private houses by leading them to the most optimal solution.

One of our main strength is that we contract and supply from the first to the last fase of each project. We are taking responsibility for each and every process.

We know that construction projects are difficult to manage and there’s a high margin for error, therefore we are always having our management on site able to report progress, obstacles and taking care of efficient solutions.

The team strives for the client to get the result they expected, with particular attention to quality and punctuality. The average running time for building a house is up to 3.5 months.


  • 100% completed projects – starting from generating and sharing ideas with a client finishing with presenting the keys of the house.
  • Competitive price -factory house is based in Lithuania, that allows us to compete strongly with a price for materials and work force on a Dutch market.
  • Competence – We have enough experience for building houses at different locations and markets.
  • Experience in Netherlands– during 2018- 2020 we have completed various projects in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Baltic countries.
  • Excellent quality – We’re always serious about the quality –all the products, we are working with, are certified ISO  standards.